Interior Finishes

The interior finishes get all the compliments.  It's natural that people would be drawn to the parts of the Airstream that you can touch and see.  We want the interior finishes of our home to be functional, beautiful, and reflect our personal style.

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Real Wood Floors

When I bought my first house, the master bedroom had tons of windows, and was painted white and had light gray carpet.  Even though there was tons of natural light, it never felt "bright."  A few months before I sold the house, I installed hardwood floors and painted the walls a dark gray with white trim, and it made the room feel so much brighter.  There's something about having light colored everything that washes out the space and makes it look darker.  Having contrast between light and dark surfaces along with lots of windows seems to be the way to get the brightest looking space.

Our floors are a dark colored matte finish 3/8" engineered click lock hardwood flooring.  It's a floating floor, with about 3/8" space around the perimeter for expansion and shifting.  All of our furniture is built on top of the floor and screwed to the walls only so that the floor is free to shift.  The complete floor adds about 200 lbs to the weight of our coach, evenly distributed. The Pergo Gold underlayment looks like a good choice because of its thickness.  It'll add a little insulation to the floor (R-0.35), it'll help smooth out the seams in the subfloor, and should make the thin click-lock flooring sound and feel more substantial.


Tile Hearth

The wood stove requires a 1/2" thick fire proof hearth that extends a certain length around the perimeter of the stove.  Requirements are listed here.  

The underlayment is a 1/4" hardiebacker sheet, approximately 3'x3', with two corners cut.  This stuff is a little heavier than 1/4" Wonderboard Lite, but it's more rigid which I think will be a good thing for the Airstream.  

The tile is a 5/32" thick, 1" square glass mosaic.  Resin tiles are usually better for Airstreams since they're lightweight, but the hearth needs to be fireproof, so resin is no good.

We're also going to need to install a heat shield on the walls around the stove and flue.  Stainless would normally be used for this, but we'll probably use aluminum.  Aluminum isn't as heat resistant as stainless, but the area where it'll be installed doesn't get very hot at all, so I don't see any reason to add the weight and difficulty of stainless.



We're leaning toward paperstone in the graphite color, but I haven't quite figured out the logistics of picking up a 12 foot long counter top from the nearest distributor in North Carolina.