Once there was a girl named Leanne and a boy named Dan.


Leanne loved  thrifting, teaching children, scissors, cooking, her dog Luna, and punk pop music.

Dan loved fixing his house, science, cast iron skillets, motorcycles, and comically bad vampire movies. 


We met in Baltimore.  We each had a house, and lived about 10 minutes from each other! Both of us were in the middle of large renovation projects for our older homes, and soon realized we had WAY more stuff than we wanted to take care of.


We dreamed of living in a tiny home together. 

In June of 2014, we had to leave Baltimore and both our houses and move 90 minutes away for work.  It was then we decided to get a vintage Airstream and live smaller.  We spent the next year and a half working towards that goal, spending weekends completing our home projects, checking on renters, and preparing our beloved homes for sale.  Slowly we inched closer to our goal. 

In July of 2015 we began hunting for Airstreams. We ended up finding ours in Baltimore, as we were passing through.  Read that story here.   

Since then, we've pulled everything out down to the shell and frame, took the shell off, repaired and re-welded the frame, ran new wires, added insulation, replaced the subfloor, cleaned and reinstalled the skins, riveted all the leaks, dealt with a blizzard, cut a hole in the roof, installed our AC/heater and fans, repaired all the windows, removed and repaired the holding tanks, repaired the belly pan, installed new wood floors, built a hearth, installed a chimney and tiny wood stove, installed a fridge, built a bedframe, got married, designed a bathroom barn door, built a toasted cedar wall, took our home out for the first time on our honeymoon, ordered a stove and dishwasher, installed the solar panels, and continued work in the kitchen.  We are really excited to get everything finished! 

We love Luna.  She's pretty great. 

Luna's been a real trooper throughout this adventure.  She's lived in new places, gone on weekend trips, and didn't get paint on her fur once.  She's never far away, and photobombs almost every picture.  Luna is also very excited to travel more in our tiny house and explore new smells!