All the better to see you with

Now, on to the windows!  Like everything else on the Airstream, the windows are covered in 40 years of dirt which needs to be cleaned.  Dan pulled off all the ones that open and the matching screens.  Each window had a ring of old rubber weather stripping glued around the edge that was in various stages on dry rot in need of removal.  

We started using a painter's tool to scrape, push, and coax the old rubber and glue off, but quickly realized a razor blade and goo-gone was the way to go.  Then, we rubbed all the old oxidation from the aluminum frame with steel wool to shine it up again.  

The screens were caked in tobacco tar, turning an originally white screen to a dull brown.  So gross.  Once those were gone, Dan cleaned up the frames and then painted them a nice bright white.  We'll put the new screens back in once we reinstall the windows. 

So shiny and clean!