And now, for my next trick...

And then there were two

I'll pull the frame out right from under this Airstream! After a LOT of work and some help from my dad and brother, we got the frame out from under the shell.  

it's the hoverstream.

It's a hoverstream!  


Here's the frame after Dan took off the plywood floor, with the shredded mouse insulation, water tanks, pipes, and belly pan on the very bottom. 

An airstream basement.

Because we need to take the frame into the welding shop for some repairs, everything else had to go.  Like cleaning out the cabin, the frame yielded some interesting artifacts from the last 40 years, most perplexing of which is this: 


Dan found this men's XL orange jumpsuit shoved down a hole in the floor.  It seems our home has an interesting past... or owners with questionable fashion and floor repair choices. 


Lots more airstream parts are on their way, including new outriggers, aluminum sheeting for the belly pan, and more rivets.  We also ordered our little woodstove, which should be arriving sometime in late October.  


Next stop: welding repair!