Good News, Bad News

Bad news first?

I have multiple leaks.  A couple in the front couch area, one on the side by the vista view, one in the rear bathroom area.

The good news?  The only worse time to find a leak would be any time after now.  I'm behind schedule for the month and this is going to set me back at least another week, but better now than any time in the future.  I thought I had all the leaks sealed up, but it looks like stuffing the walls with Rockwool has helped make them more visible.  Rockwool repels water, so it goes straight to the floor where I can see it.  If I had fiberglass insulation, I might not have found all of these.

After finding a leak in the bottom corner of the curb side wing window, I checked the street side, and sure enough, that's leaking too.  Looks like I just didn't seal everywhere I should have when I reinstalled the wing windows.  I need to seal up the bottom corners of the window frame.  The leak on the side looks like it's mostly coming from the fiber optic turn signal fitting, which I missed sealing up entirely.  It also looks like one of the Olympic rivets around the street side lower vista view window is leaking, which means I probably should remove and re-rivet that window and the one opposite with buck rivets.  The rear leak looks like it's coming from the seal around the rear access door, which won't be too much trouble to re-seal.

I've made some progress on installing the interior skins and the 12V lighting (currently running off my motorcycle battery hooked up to the battery tender), but it looks like most of this work is going to have to wait until it stops raining so I can re-seal the leaks I found.