Umbilical Replacement

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Something had to go wrong at the last minute, and here it is.  Plugged in to test drive and my running lights don't work.  Turns out the truck end of the umbilical is corroded and falling apart.  You can purchase a new umbilical locally, but it doesn't include the bit that plugs into the trailer.  I was able to reuse my old one, but if you need a new one, VTS has them here.

1974 Airstreams did not use the same wiring convention as current 7-way plugs, so you need to ignore the directions on the back of the plug, and wire like so:

The above picture uses a standard RV cord.  But not all cords use the same color conventions.  In fact, the standard 7-way cable and the extreme cold weather 7-way cable from VTS are both different from the one I used, and both different for each other.

Looking at the back of the trailer side connector (as pictured above) with the notch facing up, here's where the wires go:


CENTER       (+) AUX           BLU                BLK               ORG                    RED

12 o'clock     (-) GND          WHT               WHT             WHT                     WHT

 2 o'clock     REVERSE        BLK                YEL               PUR                      BLU

 4 o'clock     BRAKE            YEL                 BLU               BLU                      BLK

 6 o'clock     L TURN           RED                RED               YEL                      YEL

 8 o'clock     RUN/TAIL       GRN                GRN               BRN                     BRN

10 o'clock     R TURN         BRN                BRN               GRN                      GRN