Helix Sleep Mattress Review

Helix Sleep participates in our affiliate program, so we'll get a small commission if you purchase a mattress by following a Helix Sleep link from this page, and it won't cost you anything extra. We bought our mattress before we found Helix Sleep in our affiliate program, and we did not receive any freebies or discounts from them.

About a year ago, we set off on our honeymoon in our "aluminum tent" Airstream.  We were so far from finished, all we had inside was a refrigerator (but no propane to run it off-grid), an Air Head composting toilet (but no bathroom wall), and a Tuft and Needle mattress.

We learned fairly quickly that a bathroom wall is essential for marital bliss, so I set out on building one as soon as we circled back to home base.

Next, we had to deal with the mattress.  Tuft and Needle had been highly recommended by one of our friends, and the customer service had been great, but I just didn't like the product.  I'd wake up several times a night with dead arms or legs.  It's like the top layer of foam was too soft, and the bottom layer was too hard, so you'd sink right down and lose all circulation.

After some exhaustive googling, we decided to try Helix Sleep.  When you sign on to Helix's website, it asks you lots of questions about your height, weight, body type, sleeping style, etc.  And it asks the same questions about your sleeping partner (if you have one).  Instead of Tuft and Needle's one-size-fits-people-who-aren't-me approach, they custom build a mattress that will work for you as an individual.  If you share the bed with a partner, you can choose a "happy medium" that should work for both of you, or you can split the bed down the middle, and have exactly the mattress you want on your half.

The thing that sold me about the Helix mattress is that they don't just have a couple layers of foam -- they include a layer of pocket coils.  The coils add some extra "give" (and a little "bounce") to help relieve pressure, which was my main problem with the Tuft and Needle mattress.

We paid $800 for our full size mattress, which is a good bit more than the $530 that the Tuft and Needle cost.  But if I'm going to get a better night's sleep, it's well worth the price difference.

The customer service experience after the sale with Helix was almost identical to Tuft and Needle.  They proactively solicited my feedback to make sure I was happy.  Helix has a money-back guarantee very similar to Tuft and Needle, but I never had to return the Helix mattress.

A year later, I'm still enjoying my Helix mattress.  Will it work for you?  It's hard to say.  Since the Helix Sleep mattress is customized to each individual, your mattress will be different than mine.  But if the cheaper bed-in-a-box type mattresses aren't working for you, Helix is worth a shot.  Check them out here.