Nashville Bound and A Total Eclipse of the Sun

Back on the road, we're headed to Nashville where Leanne will be speaking at a conference.  We have a farm-sit set up in Southern Kentucky where we'll be getting a taste of homestead life, and have a free place to set up the Airstream.

But first, we need to get there.  Here we are, all packed up.


For anyone wondering, this seems to be the best way to secure the barn door while we're en route.  We have a latch to hold the door open or shut (helpful when you're not perfectly level), and we use two Velcro straps to secure each of the rollers.


Packing things in the rear of the trailer isn't the best for stability, but the shower is really convenient to keep things from moving around.  With any luck, we'll have better homes for most of this stuff when we're done construction.


We try very hard not to arrive anywhere after dark, but sometimes it happens.  One of Leanne's brother's friends was nice enough to offer us a place to park for the night.  It was a little nerve wracking getting situated, but here we are.


It felt like we were driving through a jungle while we made our way to our spot in the dark.  But in the morning...


Off-grid breakfast.  It's really handy that all of the appliances work perfectly without being plugged in.


Back on the road, snapping pictures of other Airstreams at rest stops.


We stopped at Cracker Barrel for the night.  Cracker Barrel usually has RV parking, and they allow you to stay overnight.  Chicken fried steak, a safe place to park, and biscuits and gravy in the morning.  It's a good deal.

And Cracker Barrel was kind enough to put on a show for us this time.  Fireworks at the stadium next door.


Next up, Tennessee Cumberland Plateau Campground, TCPC.  This is an Airstream only park near Crossville, TN.  There's usually plenty of very reasonably priced guest spots, but we were lucky to snag one this week.  TCPC is in the zone of totality for the solar eclipse, and we're going to see it!


Luna seems to be enjoying her trip so far.


TCPC is situated on 376 acres of land with walking trails, a lake, a clubhouse, and lots of mushrooms to forage.


I may have overdone it on the chanterelles.  I tried to make chanterelle rissoto, and I think I ended up with rissoto chanterelles.


Also found this beauty.  Chicken mushroom.  Cut in strips and fried, the taste and texture is spot-on chicken.  Really amazing find.


In fact, there is a whole tree of chicken mushrooms here that could feed a family of four for weeks.  Unfortunately, these are a little too far gone to use.  We'll have to check again next year.


Also found a red ghost flower, Monitropa uniflora.  A rare variation of a threatened plantβ€”what a cool find!  Ghost plant is supposedly a powerful medicinal herb, but since it's a threatened species, it should not be harvested.


Point of interest, got to see the Jim Drier Memorial Light Pole.  Nice to see folks around here have a sense of humor.


The entire camping loop is just beautiful and well-maintained.  Tons of trees, and not too close to neighbors.


All set for the eclipse!


A couple days later, we hiked to a nearby waterfall.


Now off to Kentucky.