Back Again

After Kentucky, we had a few things to take care of in Baltimore, so we headed back East.  Quick stop at the gas station to top up our tires.  A 12V powered air compressor is a must have for RV trips.


Stopped at TCPC again on the way back, in time to catch the Fall colors.  Tennessee Cumberland Plateau Campground is a fantastic, well-maintained Airstream-only park with very reasonable visitor's rates, top-notch facilities, and beautiful hiking trails.  This is becoming our go-to stop when we're anywhere nearby.


Next stop, Cracker Barrel for the night.  Free parking and carry-out comfort food.  What's not to love?  It got pretty chilly overnight, but we were toasty by the fire.


Next stop, Cracker Barrel number 2.  I just can't resist free parking and chicken fried steak.


Back in Baltimore, I started work on a few finishing touches to the Airstream.  Upper cabinet doors.

Indicator lights for our outside light switches.  This should help keep us from accidentally leaving the outside lights on all night.


And the bathroom floor.  We were originally planning wood flooring in the bathroom, but considering how often it gets wet, a little more tile seemed to be the way to go.  This adds a little more weight in the rear, which is not ideal.  But with the Airstream storage nearly complete, most things have a permanent place, so we should be able to avoid packing stuff in the shower when we're traveling.  It's probably about the same weight in the back as usual.

The big news this trip is that we adopted a new member of the family!  This is Bailey.  She's a treeing walker coonhound, and she's about a year and a half old.  We got her from Lonely Hearts Animal Rescue, the same place Leanne found Luna several years ago.  They specialize in finding homes for young mothers and their pups, and Bailey is a teen mom just like Luna.


Looks like she'll fit right in.


While overwintering in Maryland isn't ideal for the Airstream, we're prepared with a 15A hookup to the parents' house, so we can run a small space heater, and a pile of wood for our stove. The stove needs to be stoked every few hours, so the space heater is handy for when we're not home, or for overnight if we don't want to get up to keep the fire going all night.  When the temps drop to single digits, though, we are very grateful to have the stove, which has no problem keeping our home toasty.