Design Research

We took a trip out to the closest (not close) Airstream dealer to look at layout, storage, and general design of the new-from-the-factory models.  One of the benefits of benefits of building our home from near scratch is that we can decide exactly what to put where, and really make it our own.  But first, we needed to see how everything could come together, and get a real feel  for moving around in 200 square feet. 

This is a wardrobe closet in one of the 2015 models.  We'll have something similar, but with more shelves or boxes for folded clothes. 

I was impressed with the amount of storage space in the tiny bathroom.  Lots of counter room! This bathroom is on the side of the trailer, and ours will be in the back. 

Here's the view from the front couch.  We really like how the fridge is raised up from the floor with a drawer underneath, our fridge is almost exactly the same model.  

Check out all the new models with floor plans, decor, and much better pictures on Airstream's website. 

We've got a basic floor plan in the making, stay tuned for details! 

Dan: I was pretty disappointed in the build quality of some of these coaches.  I saw some unfinished plywood pieces and  linoleum floors coming up around the edges.  What bothered me most, though, was that the floor plans felt so cramped.  When you're working with 200 square feet, wouldn't you want the coach to feel as big as possible?  I suppose lots of floor to ceiling walls can be good for privacy, but it just wasn't an enjoyable space.  And using every scrap of space for a bench might be good for storage and seating, but it makes the space feel so much smaller.  I'm glad we have the opportunity to design our own space with a relatively open floor plan and some space to maneuver.